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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  August 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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house maid had and ate his heart and part of his brain has been determined incompetent to stand trial. >> the man accused of beating a family friend will not be going on trial for a while. state doctors have monitored the mental state of alexander kinyua ever since the former univerty student was arrested on charges that he killed a family friend and aide the victim's heart and parts of this brain. he has been undergoing a coppin to see evaluation. -- a competency evaluation. state's attorney says the court recently received a report from the hospital stating that he should be found incompetent to stand trial without a hearing. in an interview, he said based
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on the report, he is not capable of understanding what is happening. >> the court wanted to know if there was a need for a hearing on this issue. there is not a need for a hearing since that is thenly evidence. >> there is always a chance a defendant could be ruled competent to stand trial. doctors are constantly reassessing his competency. >> given the right medicines or treatment, could the determination is that we can go forward and scheduled the trial. then the issue of whether or not they were criminally responsible house to be addressed. that is a separate issue. >> alexander kinyua faces a attempted murder charges for attacking him with a baseball bat. he believes the court's decision
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about his mental state will impact the next phase of his client's case. he is kept for arraignment august 31. as long as he remains in custody, his client remains hopeful. >> my client is at peace as long as this man is incarcerated. whether it is in a hospital setting or the department of corrections. it does not matter. >> we reached out to alexander kinyua's attorney, but he did not return our phone calls. >> detectives are investigating an overnight trip shooting in southwest baltimore. it happened roughly 24 hours ago on a 600 block. two of the victims were found dead at the scene, while a third victim was taken to the hospital.
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police have not released the identities of the victims. there's no word on a motive. a pennsylvania man is accused of raping a 15-year-old girl at a home in ocean city. the 31-year-old sexually assaulted the teenager was staying at a home along 120th street. he also attacked his girlfriend and her 14-year-old son in a separate incident. police say a 49-ye-old man had died after falling from a seawall. they were walking along the wall at the ocean city inlet when they fell over the edge together. witnesses told police a woman climb down and managed to pull the child off the rocks. >> deputies say the person who
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started a fire may also be responsible for a blaze earlier at the same restaurant. on august 3, a fire was started inside the men's restroom and then spread through the roof. it costs roughly half a million dollars worth of damage. they believe a small fire on the fourth of july may have been set by the same culprit. take a look at these surveillance pictures. the same person of interest was seen entering and leaving the men's bathroom at the time of each place. in one, he is wearing a yellow shirt. in the other, he is seen in an orange shirt. anyone with information is asked to call the fire marshal's office. >> the new york city police department is trying to track down a man who investigators say wounded one of their officers. the shooter may have been in maryland and they're offering a
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$32,000 reward. he was shot in both legs while working with an anti-gang unit last week in queens. there were trying to stop someone on a bicycle. that suspect later shot him. this is video of the sergeant leaving the hospital last friday. police believe the suspect, john thomas, has been in several cities the about pennsylvania, maryland, and virginia. indeed, the information is asked to call -- >> undocumented immigrants across the country are hoping to take advantage of the new program. lines at because the da maryland were long this afternoon. it allows illegal immigrants ages 15-31 to get work permits than avoid deportation for two years. these applicants deserve the chance to stay and work legally
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in the united states. >> their kids who are doing the right thing. this is an opportunity for them toome out of the shadows. >> applicants will only be accepted if they came to the u.s. before the age of 16 and have lived here for five years. they must be in or have graduated from high school, have a diploma or a ged. >> mitt romney's taxes are the focus of the presidential campaign. harry reid claimed the republican contender paid nothing in taxes for 10 years. he fired back. >> i did go back and look at my taxes. i never paid less than 13%. the most recent years, 13.6. i paid taxes every single year. >> the obama campaign challenged
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him with a spokesperson saying, prove it. after a very profitable career, mitt romney has been unwilling to go public with this tax returns. on tonight's -- >> there will be more tax release is given and there is a reason for that. that is because of what happens as soon as we release anything. >> she also mentioned that she had a real scare from a flare-up of for multiple sclerosis. she was diagnosed in 1998. mitt romney d t say when the flare-up occurred. >> the prominent baltimore pastor says now's not the time for the church to be silent when it comes to politics. he has convened a national leaders to enter dyes and mobilize voters. -- energized and mobilize voters.
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>> the son may be setting behind baltimore's empowerment temple, and side, the day is just beginning. the posture convened a group of impressive national leaders for a conference he calls code red. he sees as a state of emergency. >> about 80 days out from the election and there seems not to be a mobilization to get the african-american vote focused and centered for what needs to happen. >> how vulnerable do feel president obama is? >> the score is 0-0 at this point. >> reverend jackson is concerned about what he calls a voter suppression schemes. preferring to pennsylvania's new law requiring voter identification. >> we want maximum participation. >> at this conference, one of
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the goals is to train people to register others to vote. and then mobilize the electorate. including the socially conservative voter who probably does not agree with the president's support of gay marriage. >> just because of one issue, that is the question. >> they will be the staging area, lending church -- blending church and politics. >> rev. al sharpton is also expected at that conference. it concludes on saturday. >> 11 are dead after a u.s. blackhawk helicopter crashed after a firefight with insurgents. seven of the casualties' for american service members. the team may have been on a special operations mission. they could not confirm if the helicopter went down because of
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enemy fire or a mechanical failure. the taliban is claiming responsibility. at least 26 americans have been killed so far this month. the number of suicides reported among active-duty soldiers has risen to alarming rates. the number of army soldiers who committed suicide more tha doubled in june -- in july compared to gen. the marine corps and a force also s an increase last month. it is prompted pentagon leaders to double thefforts in finding new ways to help military members and the families cope in tough times. the emotions -- this group of local national guard members received hugs and kisses from family and friends. the soldiers returned after a year of deployment in kuwait. overseas, they were part of the 29th combat aviation brigade.
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the soldiers say they were proud to serve the country, but they are happier to be home. >> a very excited to spend time. >> this was the first overseas deployment for the unit. coming up, a johns hopkins making history. >> months at the university of maryland medical center at successfully performed in full face transplant. >> the oriol tried to break out against the boston red s. >> severe storms and parts of the ohio valley. the cold front is headed this way. in baltimore, 72. 83 at the inner harbor. 83 at the inner harbor.
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fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida, for just 99 dollars one-way. book all of our destinations online only at >> a second human case of the west now virus has been reported in maryland. officials said this latest case involves a 70-year-old patient. no wd if the virus is to blame. the first confirmed case came out of anne arundel county last week. officials urge you to take extra precaution with outdoor activity. some symptoms include fever, headache, body aches, swollen glands. it can occur to its fall in a mosquito bite. >> doctors at johns hopkins will soon start doing the full face transplants. a university institutional review board signed off on the program last month.
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>> the surgery has only been performed one other time in baltimore. surgeons at johns hopkins say they're in the process of training potential candidate. >> practice your nerve connections. >> this hospital surgeon is holding the extra of the patients with severe facial injury. >> knows, cheeks, the entire bottom half of their face is gone. an ideal candidate for a face transplant at the hospital. >> designed specifically for that person. you could bring over the bones along with a face to reconstruct everything to try to restore the appearance back to how they were previously. >> this is video of dr. gordon doing a trial run on a cadaver. he is part of a specialized team
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brought together. >> people who specialize in hooking up tiny blood vessels. people who specialize in helping tiny nurse together so you are able to smile. >> the hospital works with an organization and get special consent from the donor family. the surgery itself is not the magic cure. it is the rehabilitation after the surgery. it also staying compliant with the medicine to make sure that your amine system does not reject. >> -- theean system does not reject. >> -- immune system does not reject. >> we try to minimize the amount of -- the way we're able to do
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that is to use the donor's bone marrow at the time of facial recovery. it is unique to johns hopkins. >> they currently have three possible candidates. surgery time can span of to 35 hours but the rehabilitation process can take up to two years. >> disaster assistance will be available to some maryland residents much sooner than expected. officials said they are speeding up the federal disaster aid to the state providing support to those forced from their homes back in june and july. they will offer foreclosure relief and other assistance to qualified families. you can head to to see if you qualify. residents in baltimore county were able to voice their
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opinions on how bge handles its response to the june storm. this was the final meeting of four hearings handled. -- held. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures about normal, a couple above the average high. we had 88 at the airport and the normal is 86. the los so far today, 65, and that is right on target. it is not cool enough much. downtown, still 83 degrees. there are some more pockets are run central and eastern maryland. there are some cool air to our north and west, these are current temperatures.
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48 in international falls, minnesota. that cool air will be pushing south and east. there is another collision of air masses, and other front moving in our direction. thunderstorms dropping through parts of kentucky and tennessee, dropping south and east. that is not coming our way. but the front is engine in our direction and that is why are thunderstorm chances go up tomorrow. it is possible some of the storms may be strong to severe. a looks like this front will be a little weaker on the northern end. high-pressure kept it nice today. the cool air in the upper midwest arrives here for the weekend. we will start the day with sunshine tomorrow. afternoon and evening, it triggers a line of
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thunderstorms. probably have some rain around here by the time the ravens are kicking off in baltimore. we should have improving conditions throughout the game. the storms move off the coast by about midnight. partly cloudy for saturday. sunday, we will be keeping an eye on a weather disturbance. most of the weekend looks pretty nice. 60's and 70's for low temperatures tonight. watch for an afternoon thunderstorm tomorrow. for the first time since last spring, the sun sets before 8:00 tomorrow night. friday on the bay, thunderstorms are possible. western maryland has a day of thunderstorms tomorrow and a beautiful weekend unfolds. eastern shore, 91. storms tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the weekend looks decent. ocean city, lima during chance
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for a thunderstorm on saturday. -- clean green chance for a thunderstorm on saturday. tropical storm gordon is moving away. seven-day forecast, 90 tomorrow. cooler over the weekend. temperatures at or below normal most of next week. >> right now, we have some breaking news at a baltimore city. fire officials are on the scene of a tractor-trailer fire along northbound car-95 near the 395. fire officials have sent hazmat crews there as a result. no word on whether i-95 is closed at this time. traffic is definitely back up. >> orioles tried to pull off a feed they have not done since
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john kennedy sat in the white house. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated an annuity of $2,300,000. here are your winning numbers for tonight, thursday, august 16. 6, 29, 43, 41, 1, 19. if no one matches all six numbers, kamal i met jackpot climbs to $2,400,000. next drawing is monday night. >> the maryland lottery, let
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yourself play.
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>> 52 years and waiting.
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the orioles had a chance to play a home sweep of the red sox for the first time since 1960. 52 years. and waiting. boston spoils the date with history. some good early run support. item jones with a double down the right-field line. -- adam jones with a double down the right field line. to-0, orioles. mark reynolds has been on a tear this season. solo home run, 3-0 orioles. but the night deteriorated from there. adrienne gonzales, shallow center, and john's catches it. -- jones catches it. all tied at 3. top of the sixth. he cannot handle it.
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boston goes on to beat the orioles 6-3. >> there were a lot of situations were had to make a big pitch. sometimes i did and sometimes i did not. >> there was a game there tonight, at the tip advantage of some of our pitching struggles. -- they took advantage of some of our pitching struggles. we're getting ready to face their ballpark. >> the orioles h to detroit tomorrow night to face the tigers. the detroit lions come to baltimore to face the ravens. plank alliance to mar night gives the ravens' a chance to show that -- placing of alliance tomorrow night gives the raven'' a chance to show that. that group gives the ravens of
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great coverage unit. the loss will have a negative impact on their pass rush, there is no getting around that. the secondary will have to keep coverage strong a little longer to put pressure on the quarterback. >> not looking at what the offense is trying to do. that is what all of us, we are improving in that part. what is the offense trying to do to me? that is what we are improving. >> 8:00 kickoff tomorrow night. ravens an alliance, no simulcast tomorrow night, but we will still have a call for you. our coverage begins at 7:30. we will have live coverage prior to the game at 5:00 and 6:00. the return home continues to extend control of the games.
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when you return home with medals, he returned home a rock star. she had a police escort. she displayed her three medals. she cannot wait to resume the life of a teenager. stick around, tom tasselmyer
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>> we're watching those thunderstorms >> it is not mean i am worried about, about 70,000 fans. >> showers coming through about game time, maybe a thunderstorm. it will improve as the evening wears on. we have to watch it. saturday looks decent. maybe a sprinkle on sunday. >> we do not want to lose our live shots. >> you cannot to live shots if you have lightning. >> thank you for joining us. >> we will see you tomorrow. ♪
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[ male announcer ] everyone at southwest airlines works together for one goal: to get you where you're going. and with flights all over the country to choose from, it's a good thing we love our work. and now we're excited to take you to the beaches of northwest florida. fly nonstop from bwi airport to panama city beach, florida, for just 99 dollars one-way. book all of our destinations online only at >> jay: hey, ryan. thanks for coming, man, and congratulations on the five medals. that's unbelievable. >> thanks, jay. this is my first late night talk show, and i'm super excited. i even got a new suit. [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight,


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